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My Blogging Story

I am excited to be pushing myself forward in my blogging journey through the Edublogs club.

I have been working on my blog since August so I am a newbie at this. I don’t think anyone has visited it yet. At first I didn’t mind because I was just getting used to putting my ideas out there. But I want to pursue this expressive form with more diligence. The Edublog Club will be a great fit for my needs.

I find it challenging to put my ideas out there when I don’t know who I am communicating with. ¬†Obviously, I will have to challenge this pattern in my blogging. Essentially it is about my own fear.

Seizing the day!



  1. Hi Lucinda

    Thanks for sharing your reflections! My advice to new bloggers is focus on blogging on what you want to blog about and what you want to share. When you’re passionate about what you want to share it comes through and you’ll find it flows.

    Sue Waters

  2. Hi Lucinda,
    Totally agree with Sue – write for yourself first and foremost – what you are passionate about. Then start developing a PLN or personal learning network via twitter or conferences/workshops you attend. Invite those people to visit your blog to read your thoughts. I often ask a question at the end of my posts so the readers have something to write about in the comments.

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